Sustainability Practices

Musicians Corner is committed to introducing initiatives and practices that focus on sustainability for our park and environment.

  • Centennial Park Restoration:

    The Conservancy, through a collaborative effort between the Mayor's Office and Parks Department, is leading the much-anticipated restoration of our city's central park to ensure it remains a gem in Nashville's park system for the next century and beyond. All projects in the restoration are being tracked through the Sustainable Sites Initiative.

    As part of Phase One, the following initiatives have been completed: dredging of Lake Watauga as part of a project to improve water quality and help rid the lake of algae; daylighting of Cockrill Spring and increasing the amount of water flowing into the lake; introducing 10,000 honey bees to the park; utilizing 130 tons of Tennessee limestone rock in park upgrades; planting of trees to increase number of trees in the park by 300%. Future phases will decrease roads and increase walking paths by 4.5 miles.

  • Transportation:

    Musicians Corner partners with Walk/Bike Nashville to encourage the use of active transportation and minimize emissions when traveling to to our events. You can rent a B-Cycle at locations across Nashville, including Centennial Park.

    Additionally, Musicians Corner has partnered with Lyft to promote ridesharing. If you're a new user, get a free ride credit when you sign up today.

  • Recycling:

    We promote and encourage recycling at our events. Our trash recycling is managed by Metro Parks, and we have established a recycling program with a one of our local craft breweries by returning and reusing cardboard packaging.

  • Eco Friendly Merchandise:

    We partner with Friendly Arctic to print t-shirts locally using water-based, sustainable ink that is free of PVC, phthalates, and other toxic chemicals.

  • Event Management:

    Through the use of portable toilets, we are able to save 6,000+ gallons of water each week or 108,000+ gallons a year.

  • Supporting Local Businesses & Vendors:

    The majority of vendors, food providers, and merchants are local to the Nashville area.