Bobby Long

Bobby Long's new album, Ode to Thinking, comes out on August 7 via Compass Records. Below, the British singer-songwriter who calls New York City home shares a track from the album, "Hideaway," a kiss-off to a wayward lover that splits the difference between The Beatles and Joe Cocker.

How did you write "Hideaway?"

Originally, I wrote the chorus as something different. I always loved it, but it never clicked into place. I was mucking around with the riff that underlines the chorus part, and I wanted to write something that was a bit raggedy like "Dig a Pony." I just started playing the chorus again so it came together really well.

I was actually inspired to write this about this person that I knew who just seemed to love scorching myself and people around her. So it's kind of a distant finger in her general direction.

How would you describe the new record?

It's always hard to describe, but I guess the whole album is about the songs. Every instrumentation or harmony part is dedicated to making the song better. It was a case of removing ego as players and as a singer and trying to do what's best for the writing and the listener really.

Have you been to Nashville much? What do you think of it?

I really like Nashville. It's a great great town. It feels special. I love the history of the place, and there are lots of great things happening musically right now.

What's the last good concert you've been to?

Wow, that's tough. I saw John Prine, and he was the best.

Exclusive Song Premiere: Bobby Long, "Hideaway"

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