Carolina Story

Ben and Emily Roberts of Carolina Story are married to their music, and each other. We asked the East Nashville folk duo, who will kick off Musicians Corner this Saturday with a special Main Stage acoustic performance, about maintaining the magic, their food truck fantasies and more.

What can we expect from your set at Musicians Corner?

We've got a lot of new material that we've been starting to test out on our fans so you can expect some new tunes along with oldies. After playing as a duo for six years we've also been experimenting with adding other musicians and instruments into the mix so you can expect to see more than just the two of us up there.

You've played the Grand Ole Opry. What was that like?

We've had the chance to play four times. It was a dream come true. We consider it our greatest moment as a band and songwriters to have stood on one of the most notable stages in the world of music. Standing in that sacred circle where some of our biggest musical heroes stood was an out of body experience. As students and admirers of traditional Country music, it is such an honor every time we've had the opportunity. But the coolest part is that Emily was seven months pregnant with our son when we played. We debuted a song that we wrote for him. That's going to be a pretty neat story to tell him when he's older.

What advice would you give a married couple who want to follow in your footsteps and become a musical duo?

Make sure you have true musical chemistry and that you aren't going into it just because it's now the trendy thing to start a duo. Make sure your material covers much more than your relationship. Try to be the best songwriter that you can be instead of letting the stereotype of being a married duo define you.

Say you're surrounded by Nashville food trucks. Which one do you go to, and what do you order?

Going to have to go with the Grilled Cheeserie and you can't go wrong with any order.

What's the last great concert you went to?

Ryan Adams. Enough said.