Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes

On November 23, the frontman for Nashville rock band Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes will step into Bob Dylan's shoes when he performs with the Last Waltz Ensemble at City Winery Nashville in a special fundraiser show for Musicians Corner. "I remember seeing The Last Waltz when I was young and thinking, 'Man, this is what playing music is supposed to be about,' says Ellsworth. Check out the band's new single, ""Always/Never," below, and get your tickets to the Last Waltz here.

Tell us about the new single. It's pretty great.

It’s called "Always/Never," and it's from an EP we will be releasing in early 2016 called Bemidji. It's an upbeat, high-energy, unapologetically catchy song about unrequited love. It also might accidentally be about a stalker, though. Your choice.

What have been some of your career highlights this year?

The first half of 2015 we were still out on the road touring behind our 2014 album, Kid Tiger. We played Rites Of Spring here in Nashville with Young The Giant, Portugal The Man, and The Lone Bellow. That was a lot of fun for us. The second half of the year we were working on the EP and we've also been hunkered down and writing for the next album. We head back into the studio in January to start on that.

You’re performing with the Last Waltz Ensemble at or tribute show at City Winery next Monday. Do you have any favorite moments from The Last Waltz?

I remember seeing The Last Waltz when I was young and thinking, “Man, this is what playing music is supposed to be about.” Getting all of your friends together, sharing a stage, playing on each other's songs, and celebrating. Every time I watch it I'm blown away by how good of a band The Band was. Monster players and monster songwriters. I'll be singing the Bob Dylan song "Forever Young." That song has always struck a chord with me. It's Dylan at his simplest most poignant. Every time I hear it, the words hit so close to home. It's compassionate, loving, hopeful, and humble all at the same time.

Any thoughts about Musicians Corner?

I try and go as often as I can when I'm town. We've also played it two or three times now since it began. John Tumminello and all who are a part of the team with MC have been massive supporters of ours since the very beginning. I'm super thankful for everything Musician's Corner has done for me and for Nashville. It's by far one of the best things that happens in this city.

That's kind of you to say! What's the last great concert you've seen?

I saw TV On The Radio at The Ryman a few months back. It was phenomenal. They are easily one of my favorite bands. I think they make incredible records with incredible production, but this was my first time seeing them live. Expectations exceeded. They bring so much energy and passion to the stage - you believe every word that they say. I also saw Beck at The Ryman a while back. That one blew my mind too. His band was next level.