Dara Sisterhen

You'll be hearing Dara Sisterhen's name a lot this year. The 18-year-old's debut EP Boom was produced by Dave Cobb, the man behind critically acclaimed albums by Jason Isbell and Sturgill Simpson.

Sisterhen's gorgeous music blends Americana, pop, and British invasion hooks with just a twinge of country. Get a sneak peak of "Easy To Fool" before the EP drops next month.

Tell us about "Easy To Fool."

I wrote "Easy To Fool" in my bedroom (like most of the time) when I was 15 years old. I put myself in the shoes of a heartbroken woman whose love went wrong because of another woman. I haven't necessarily been through it myself, but I understand how hard it must be so I created a story.

What's it like being in the studio with Dave Cobb? Is he laid back? High energy? I've heard he likes to work fast.

I guess you could say studio time with Dave is both laid back and fast. I told him my vision and he got it right away so we were on the same page and just knocked it out. He really focuses on highlighting the artist.

What do you like about being an artist in Nashville?

Nashville is an extremely inspiring place. They don't call it "Music City" for nothing. There's a lot of talent and a lot of great shows going on every night. I always feel very creatively productive.

What's the last concert in Nashville you went to, and how was it?

The last show I went to was my own, but besides that, my friend Colin Elmore + The Danville Train played at High Watt. It was pretty sick.

Have you been to Musicians Corner? Are you a fan?

I have not been yet! It sounds really cool and I'd love to check it out sometime.

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