Musical/marital duo Elenowen (singer-songwriters Josh and Nicole Johnson) will play Musicians Corner for the second time on May 23. They're currently touring behind their second full-length album, For The Taking, which features more of their boldly intertwining vocals and smart, confessional lyrics. We asked Josh Johnson about the songs they play when no one's listening, their food truck fantasies and more.

How did you get your band name, and how do you pronounce it?

Our band name is taken from our parent's middles names. My mom's middle name is Ellen, and I got the musical gene from her side of the family. Nicole's dad's middle name is Owen, and she got music from his side of the family. Put Ellen and Owen together and you get Elenowen.

What can we expect from your set at Musicians Corner?

We'll have a full band with us, playing nearly all the songs from our record For the Taking, which we released back in January through Ready Set Records. We'll also throw in a couple of our favorite cover tunes. The set will have more of an energetic, rock vibe than years past.

Whose music do you like to cover when you're jamming just for fun?

Fleetwood Mac, Ryan Adams, and The Cure.

As a married couple, do you share any "special songs," like a wedding song?

Our first dance song was "Meghan's Song" by Matthew Perryman Jones. It was really special when we first got married and still is. As far as nowadays, it's an ever-changing playlist of tunes we connect with because we love them, not necessarily tunes that describe our life. We've been listening to a lot of Bahamas, Jessie Baylin, and Dawes lately.

Say you're surrounded by Nashville food trucks. Which one do you go to, and what do you order?

If it has anything to do with tacos, burgers, or pizza we'll hit up all of them!

What's the last great concert you went to?

Ryan Adams at the Ryman last month. We've been huge fans of his for years and it was our first time seeing him live. It was incredible.

Any thoughts on Musicians Corner?

We love Musician's Corner! We had the privilege of playing it several years ago, and love to see how much it continues to grow and become a staple in Nashville. The community among the staff, fans, and artists is unlike any other. Glad to be a part!