Elise Davis

On February 5, award-winning singer-songwriter Elise Davis will take the stage at City Winery for Band Together, a tribute to Taylor Swift's game-changing 1989 album and the hit singles from that year. Hits like Paula Abdul's "Straight Up," a sultry pop trifle that ruled the airwaves at a time when the Berlin Wall was collapsing, Back To The Future II was in theaters, and the internet was beginning to bloom. Davis has recorded her own unique, grown-up spin on the song, which she'll perform at Band Together. And while we've heard the original a million times, we could listen to Davis' arresting take all day long. Take a listen below.

How old were you in 1989?

I was two years old.

What made you want to cover Paula Abdul's "Straight Up?"

I've always been attracted to well written sassy songs. I feel like this song has a killer chorus, and I can relate to the lyrics. I also felt like it would be a super fun one to play with a band.

How did you approach the song?

I just treated it as if I had written it. Slowed it down a bit, added some haunting reverb-y guitars, pulled on the words a bit in my phrasing. I just "elise'ed" it.

What other songs and albums from 1989 do you like?

I have always thought Bonnie Raitt was a queen of blues music and a stellar guitar player. Her album Nick Of Time came out in 1989 and thats a great one. Tom Petty's Full Moon Fever is another great album from that year as well. Oh, and the song "Love Shack" by the B-52's was released in 1989, and seriously, what's not to love about that song?

What are your thoughts on Taylor Swift, and the 1989 album?

Taylor Swift is insanely gifted at writing catchy pop songs and so prolific. It's not necessarily what I listen to on my own time very much, but I definitely blast some "Shake It Off" in my headphones at the gym when I need a boost.

What do you have planned for 2016?

I have been working on a record entitled The Token for about a year and a half now. I am so excited to finally release it this May. I plan to spend most of my time on the road this year after its release. I cannot wait to share what I've been cooking up!

Limited tickets are available for Band Together and can be purchased here.