Heather Bond

We're excited to premiere "Without You," the new single from Heather Bond's upcoming album So Long. The Nashville-based, piano-playing singer-songwriter and Musicians Corner veteran teamed up with fellow songwriter Gabe Dixon for the plaintive, heart-string-tugging ballad. Look for So Long on September 25.

Tell us the story behind "Without You."

I wrote "Without You" when I was home alone, missing someone. I've always thought that it's easy to miss someone when you're lonely, but when you truly care for someone you miss them when you're happy. The melody line of the piano came to me first. I pictured that little ballerina in a box twirling around all by herself and wanted to create that sort of music box feel. The lyrics followed, and it wasn't really until I got in the studio with my Producer, Matthew Odmark that we thought it would work well as a duet. Gabe Dixon came to the studio and sang so beautifully on the song that it was then I felt the emotion was truly conveyed.

What's it like being a singer-songwriter in Nashville?

I could write a book to this question. Nashville inspires me. I just finished my debut album here at Gray Matters Studio! Nashville is comfortable, yet challenging. There's a true sense of community in this town, and it's an amazing place to collaborate with fellow artists. I didn't even know what a "co-write" was until I moved here, and now it's one of my favorite things to do. There's always room to learn and grow, and you have to work hard to keep up. Of course, there are days when you feel broke and alone, but then there are days when you feel happy and successful. It's all part of the process. I'm very grateful for the people here that continue to support me.

What's the last great concert you've been to?

Oh man. I've been to some good ones lately, but the most recent time I was mind blown, face melted, on my feet from the first note... was at the Tedeschi Trucks Band concert. I had never seen Susan Tedeschi or Derek Trucks live. The whole band was ridiculous.

Any thoughts on Musicians Corner?

I played Musicians Corner in Fall of 2010 when I think the average crowd was 5,000 people? Now, there are over 50K people that attend. I have enjoyed many Saturdays at the park watching amazing artists and bands. I've even brought kiddos to "Kidsville." I think it's one of the best events the community has to offer, honestly. I am so impressed with John Tumminello and his team and how they continue to grow this program. I can't wait to play again this Fall.