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Hunter and the Bear

When Eric Clapton taps you to open for him on tour, you know you're on to something good. That's what happened to Hunter and the Bear, purveyors of a genre best described as "British Americana." The band from London, England has gifted us with the exclusive premiere of the live video for their single "Burn It Up," from their latest EP Wildfire. Watch the video and read our interview with the band below.

Tell us about "Burn It Up."

The song is all about circumstance. It's a special one for us, we really let go with our writing and ended up with something that really worked with a full rock band set up. We'd been listening to a lot of old rock at the time and I guess that filtered through somehow. We recorded it as live as we possibly could which was an epic way to capture the energy of the track. We're really proud of it and want to replicate that live. It seems to be a bit of a dying art that we're keen on reviving.

How did the Wildfire EP come to be?

We've stumbled across a sound that has a bit more bite to it throughout our recent songwriting. We suddenly had a group of songs that felt like a body of work that we needed to release as one. Showing people Wildfire is a special feeling for us as we feel like we've captured what we do live on a recording. That's what it's all about for us.

Have you made it to Nashville yet?

We've never been to Nashville. It's definitely high on our list though! We'll get back to you once we've checked it out. We hear it's a pretty special place.

You got to open for Eric Clapton recently. What are your top 5 classic rock bands?

This question causes many an argument in our tour van. Here's the current top 5.

Led Zeppelin

Deep Purple

The Band

Dire Straits

Bad Company