Kris Allen

On May 9, Kris Allen will help kick off Musicians Corner's Spring Season, along with Dave Barnes and Matt Wertz, Jason Eskridge and Viva Mexico. The American Idol winner turned indie musician will dip into songs from his soulful 2014 album, Horizons, produced by Civil Wars/Switchfoot producer Charlie Peacock, as well as tunes which span his entire career. We asked the affable singer-songwriter about making his home in Nashville, his recent foray into fatherhood, and the status of his next record.

How's the new record shaping up? Will it be a big departure from your last album?

I feel like each record has been a little different. I'm in the middle of the writing process right now for a fourth one and the main thing that keeps coming out is just being simply soulful. Not being afraid of that part of what I do. Having that in the back of my mind this time has really helped with writing songs for a new project. It's kept me focused. As far as it being a departure from the last record that is to be determined. Stripping things away on the last record was something that I feel like needed to be done and I think this next one will be a continuation of that.

We can't wait to have you at Musicians Corner. What can we expect from your set?

Fun! I love music and I love to play music. You will probably see me asking everyone to sing with me. It's just more fun that way. And thanks for having me! I can't wait either.

You're a recent transplant here. What are your thoughts on Nashville?

So I have lived here for about seven months now and really love this city. It's such a great mix of so many people trying to be great at so many things. So much creativity but also such good people. The last time that I went out on Broadway I played laser tag with a bunch of grown men for my friend Cale's birthday party . . . in suits.

Are there any places you like to eat when you're in town?

The first place that I ever ate in Nashville was City House and it's still my favorite place in town. But there are countless good spots.

How's fatherhood, and how do you balance it with being a musician?

It's really eye opening and humbling thing that's ever happened to me. But don't let that fool you into thinking it's easy because it ain't. The only way that I really balance any of it is having such a great wife. She is always willing to go out of her way to be supportive. The biggest reason that we moved to Nashville was to spend more time together as a family. That has really helped.

What's the last great concert you went to?

Lee Ann Womack at City Winery. Phenomenal. Her voice. The songs. I felt lucky to be there.