Ray Wylie Hubbard

Texas songwriting legend Ray Wylie Hubbard will help send Musicians Corner's Spring Season out with a bang on Sunday, June 28. The 68-year-old music veteran has been on the road touring behind The Ruffian's Misfortune, his often brilliant new album. We caught up with Ray to discuss the show, his upcoming autobiography and more.

How's the tour going? Has life on the road gotten easier or harder?

The 'Ruffian's' tour has been pretty damn great. Full houses of nice audiences who are knowledgeable about the songs and seem really appreciative of me showing up outside of Texas and Oklahoma. I enjoy everything bout touring except flying of course ... delays and having to run to barely make the next connecting flight and $9 for a sandwich at LaGuardia airport puts a damper on it.

We're thrilled that you're performing at Musicians Corner. What can we expect from your show?

I guess you would expect me to be pretty good. Of course I'll do songs that I think the audience would wanna hear and also throw in some new ones and mostly have fun...

I know you're not a fan of modern country music. What are your thoughts on Nashville as a music town and as a place to visit?

I know some great songwriters and musicians who live in Nashville and when I've played there I have had wonderful audiences... I don't follow or even know who's hot in country right now and I mostly listen to old blues and country and bluegrass guys and girls and also my friends likes Hayes or Slaid or Gurf or James or Jamie Wilson or Carson McHone who write from the place the true poet knows... I think the last popular country song I listened to and liked was ''Poncho and Lefty'' by Willie and Merle.

You wrote a memoir coming out later this year called A Life ... Well, Lived. Did you learn anything about yourself from writing it?

Writing the book was a learning experience and what I learned is I am not a very good typer or speller.

Is there anything that will surprise fans in there?

Hmmm... well, maybe the part about me telling some young musicians that if they don't have a good guitar, what they should do is go to their girlfriend's father and say, ''If you buy me a Gibson J45, you will never see me again."

What's the last great concert you went to?

Well, I can't recall the last concert I went to but the greatest young cat I have seen lately is this kid named Aaron Lee Tasjan, who opened for me at 3rd and Lindsey in Nashville. I was reminded of the times I had seen Steve Goodman and John Prine when I was younger. It will probably be the last time he opens for me cause he was that good... but I was nice to him anyway as maybe he'll let me open for him when he's doing his stadium tour or at least when he's in his limo on the way there he'll stop at my corner and let me clean his windshield with my squeegee...