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The Lonely Biscuits

This Saturday, Nashville alternative rockers The Lonely Biscuits will headline a special Halloween edition of Musicians Corner. Since graduating from Belmont University in 2011, they've become festival veterans, and have already played Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Hangout Fest, Austin City Limits, LouFest and South by Southwest. So we couldn't think of a better band to close out our Fall Season.

What can we expect from your set at Musicians Corner?

You can expect a lot of new tunes and a lot of energy. A little bit of boogie woogie too.

What are a few of your highlights from this year?

We just finished our summer tour which was a great experience and accomplishment. We got to play all over the country in cities we've never been to before and were stoked on how many people came out and the times that were shared.

What's been your favorite festival experience?

Our set at Bonnaroo in 2014 was wild. We played the smallest stage and the Nashville community really pulled through and packed it out. It was sweaty and special.

Where are some of the places you like to go to when in Nashville?

We do a lot of work and hanging at Portland Brew. Some favorite spots for food include Mas Tacos, Hattie B's, Mitchell's Deli, and The Pharmacy.

Have you been to Musicians Corner yet?

Yes. One time we came to a Musician's Corner and it was pouring rain but the show went on and we jammed out in a super wet muddy park so that was epic. We love what you guys do and think it's a killer event. Can't wait to play.

What's the best concert you've seen recently?

My favorite recent show was probably A$AP Rocky's set at Lollapalooza. That place went off. It's cool to see someone move that many people and have so much power. He gave a really cool speech about following your dreams too and I shed a single tear. Respect to A$AP mob.