Tom Young

When pressed, Nashville singer-songwriter Tom Young describes his music as "accidentally upbeat and ambiguously Christian." We're excited to bring you the official premiere of the video for Young's achingly gorgeous "I've Got Time," which you should make time to watch immediately.

Tell us the story behind "I've Got Time."

The song kinda takes on a double meaning, but really it's the idea of waking up to your faith after maybe a time of spiritual struggle or neglect... that is the inspiration I drew from my own life. The lyrics "they say, oh, I've got time" implies the pressure of pushing faith aside at a younger age (really at any age) to follow the status quo. However, it's also meant to be viewed as being thankful for the time given.

I had the verse riff written for a couple of months and sort of tucked it away, waiting for the right inspiration or moment to finish it. So, when I became stuck in a basement with co-writer Greg Herndon during a tornado warning, it gave us a chance to work it out. We made a GarageBand demo then and there with what instruments we had. In fact, some of the tracks from that recording made the master. We had a blast working with producer Andy Hunt, who brought the track to another level.

What's the story behind the video?

Well, honestly, my good friend Matt Merry (the video's producer) and I wanted to make a video of some sort. First it was a Kickstarter video, but then Matt got super excited about the idea of making an actually music video... something neither of us had ever done. He did his best to pump me up (you're laughing if you know us), but it quickly came together and Matt put a lot of work into making it look great. Anyway, the whole video is shot on or within 100 yards of my parents' property in Lewisville, North Carolina. The theme of waking up to faith and running with it like I talked about, hopefully gets through to the viewer.

How do you find being a musician in Nashville?

I look at it this way. It can either intimidate you and make you doubt yourself to the point where you walk away from it all, or it causes you to own who you are and therefore work to perfect your abilities. I think it's awesome and I've had the opportunity to mingle and work with artists I've admired for sometime. You can't do that in many places.

What's the last good concert you've been to?

It's a tossup. I went back-to-back nights at the Ryman. The first night Punch Brothers made every musician in the house want to quit and never try to play an instrument ever again... Those guys are truly amazing. However, the very next night Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors played probably the most emotional show I've ever been to. So... it's a tie.

Have you ever been to Musicians Corner?

Only once, but I love the opportunity it gives to artists who are trying to get their music out. Just a great platform and a unique thing within Nashville. I'm excited to be featured this week and thankful for Musicians Corner.