Nashville has long been known as Music City, but for various reasons many in our community cannot take advantage of the vast live music that surrounds them. Musicians Corner is dedicated to eliminating barriers to live music and creating access to all by ensuring that our events are always free and open to listeners of all ages.

We work to ensure that people of all socio-economic backgrounds may experience live music at no cost, that children can experience live music in a family-friendly setting, and that parents can experience live music without the need for childcare.


Artists are the lifeblood of what makes our city great. Though a good paying gig in Nashville isn't as readily available as some may think. Additionally, there are many genres represented in Nashville that are often forgotten or left behind.

We believe that artists deserve a fair wage for their performances, and are committed to paying each artist who performs on our stage. We also believe that opportunities for artists should be equitable across race, gender, and genre, and that the performances on our stage should reflect the vibrant diversity of our city.


How do we pay artists a fair wage without charging our audience to attend? Good question.

It's not easy, but it is through the generous support of people like you. Consider making a donation today.

We also work hard to obtain grants and sponsorships, we collect donations on site at each event, and everything you purchase on site helps fund the program. So grab a beer, buy a shirt, and know that your purchase helps us continue our work for the Nashville community!