Artist Submissions



Why is there a fee to apply?

We use a third party service to collect applications. Fees collected are used to pay for the service.

Does my submission expire?

Each submission is valid for one year. After a year, please reapply.

When will I hear from someone regarding my submission?

We do our best to review submissions in a timely manner and will reach out if there is an opportunity available.

I didn't hear from anyone. Did you not like my music?

No way! We receive many amazing submissions, but only have so many opportunities each year. If you weren't selected this year, don't take it personally and please apply again next year.

What do you look for when booking an artist?

Each year we do our best to showcase a diverse, well rounded variety of genres, ethnicities, gender, etc. While we showcase nearly every genre, we primarily focus on rock, soul, indie, Americana, r&b, and world music. We also strive to keep our events appropriate for all ages, and take this into consideration when choosing artists.

Will I get paid? If so, how much?

We pay each and every artist. Performance stipends are generally determined by the slot that the artist is booked for, and the artist's history of draw in Nashville.

Have another question?

Feel free to contact us.