Glen Martian


Glen Martin wants to sing a few songs for you. Won’t you let him? Hailing originally from the scenic Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Glen is a Nashville-based multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and recording artist. Glen digs deep for his music, drawing from personal experience to offer us lyrics that are both raw and relatable.

Master of science and space, lone wolf, puppet aficionado... Glen Martin plays many roles. But none are executed with as much ease and grace as his music. It’s no wonder; Glen has been collecting and studying records for his entire adult life, analyzing every song, every nuance. For his own music, he draws upon a well of disparate influences, from Hank Williams, Neil young, Bob Dylan and Paul Simon to James Mercer, M. Ward and Jeff Mangum.

Often nostalgic but never derivative, Glen Martin’s sun-kissed Americana radiates originality and passion in every note. His songs are hopeful, silly, sarcastic, catchy and bittersweet. His latest 5-song EP, Electric Baby, offers listeners a glimpse into the mind and heart of this up-and-coming All American Artist. It’s a beautiful, whisky-soaked ride that’s over all too soon.