Lydia Luce


Lydia Luce grew up in South Florida constantly surrounded by music. She began studying piano at the age of four and switched to violin at the age of six, and at that time was thrown into a world of classical music. Luce has played in orchestras with soloists such as Christopher O’Reilly and Nestor Torres, and under conductors such as Keith Lockhart, Larry Livingston and Benjamin Zander. She switched to viola her senior year of high school, when she immediately fell in love with the rich tone and power of the instrument. Luce auditioned for Berklee College of Music in Boston because of its wide variety in musical genres, and was offered partial scholarship. Berklee helped her to discover herself as a musician and taught her how to improvise in many different styles of music. She has performed with artists such as Willie Nelson, Rod Stewart, Annie Lennox, Terri Lynn Carrington and many others.