McKenzie Lockhart


After less than a year in Nashville, singer-songwriter McKenzie Lockhart made her way back to Florence, Alabama, ten minutes away from her hometown of Muscle Shoals.

“I thought moving was what I had to do to really ‘make it,’ but I was absolutely miserable,” she says. “I missed my small town. I missed my church, my family. I missed home.”

The return home came with a new passion for the creative community that has been cultivated in Florence, as well as the motivation to make music on her own terms. This newfound motivation resulted in her second EP, Suburbs, which released February 23, 2018. Produced by her husband and recorded in their first home as a married couple, Suburbs examines the ideas of faith, relationships, and the pursuit of music.

The vision for Suburbs was clear from the beginning. Suburbs acts as a stark contrast to her first EP, Interlaced, which was produced and recorded at the Smoakstack in Nashville. Interlaced showcased a more polished, full-band sound, while Suburbs features just Lockhart and her guitar. It’s music (and words) that prove the true strength of her simplistic yet poignant style. It also prepares fans for her live performance, which rarely includes anything other than an acoustic guitar and pitch-perfect vocals.