Thad Kopec


Thad Kopec is a person of transience; someone who imagines that by moving freely through the layers of his life, he can become more aware the present reality.

This disposition of curiosity is what informs his work. Kopec’s music is curious both in lyricism and composition, and it moves freely through moods and moments as if in acceptance of the nature of change itself.

Sound is shaped to have the feeling of passing time, or as he sees it, a flowing river. Everything is connected, but each moment flows into another universe of experience entirely. This, as Kopec sees it, is our experience of time as humans, and music is a practice in being present to the current of time.

Thad Kopec has been releasing albums under his name since 2012. He composes for film, produces albums, and is a founding member of Model Tenant, Blous, and The Radial Conservatory. He has worked with Liza Anne, Keeps, October Tooth, Groh - among others in his community of artists.