We’re from Colorado but we live in Nashville now. We learned how to play music as kids in church but we don’t do that anymore. When we were 20 we thought we’d get signed to a major label and take over the world, but not everything happens how you think it will. So we learned to work hard instead. We wanted to make records, so we learned how to record them. We wanted to travel, so we learned how to book shows. We wanted people to care, so we learned how to do it better. 10,000 hours was 10,000 hours ago. We put out some songs last year and you liked them, so this year we’re putting out a lot more. Some of you saw us play shows last year and now we’re friends, so this year we’re putting so many miles on our van that even a junkyard wouldn’t take it. This is just the beginning. Sincerely, Aaron, Dom and Drew